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I don’t recall if we ever actually see any arcade screens. Arcade games existed long before CRTs and computer chips became the norm. Electro-mechanical arcade games are beautiful early 1960’s tech.  
They could conceivable be just glass preventing ponies from cheating with modern arcade controls so we, the viewer, understand what they are.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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to answer how ponies make glue… cyanoacrylate? I mean they have basic computers in equestria(how else would you explain the arcade games button plays?) so they do have a semi-modern tech level(I would say about early 70s to late 80s) and could probably figure out superglue… I mean they do have tape after all, and lickable postage stamps so they DO have chemistry based adhesives in equestria so i’m sure they could figure out a synthetic option? also for those of you saying dead ponies…. uuum HELLOOOO PONYVILLE SPA ANYONE? HOOFICURES? they could use the clippings or dust from ponies getting their hooves done.