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REMAKER : >>406298
safe1706664 artist:holivi681 fluttershy212683 rainbow dash233974 bird8262 pegasus291910 anthro260263 unguligrade anthro48385 belly button77901 clothes459696 dress44533 duo61356 eyes closed93573 female1363306 hoof shoes5393 legs8305 mare480678 midriff19321 out of breath44 running5976 shoes36737 shorts13977 socks66333 sports bra3222 sports dress18 sports shorts1101 sweat26349


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Master Fox

That one looks like it's the end of the 4th lap. Now the new one is 10 laps in Dash is trying to get Fluttershy to push it all the way to 20 for a full 5 mile run.

FYI: Standard Tracks are about a quarter mile each.