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I was bored and messing with photoshop and so I decided to throw together a quick propaganda poster.
explicit361489 artist:cutelewds386 edit135891 sweetie belle49722 pony1010341 unicorn342228 anatomically correct24794 anus100249 breeding1063 butt65884 consensual sex for the sole purpose of procreation9 dock52064 facing away282 female1401706 filly69608 foalcon18459 magic75376 magic aura4646 magical spreading469 magical stimulation1533 nudity382305 plot82114 ponut45544 presenting24912 presenting anus698 presenting pussy1252 propaganda793 propaganda poster100 puckered asshole3050 raised tail16068 rear view12787 simple background409042 solo1094242 solo female183686 spread pussy3875 spreading19845 sweetie butt730 tail30800 tail aside1529 telekinesis28719 transparent background208764 urethra2482 vagina49874 vulva132316


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About the whole disagreement over it. Studies show non-offending pedos, r34 is a proper outlet (lolicon) where as those who already broke the law its not a proper outlet for and gives them ideas. Also pedophilia is biologically rather common. Usually the areas people have worse self control are abstinence communities, more sexual abuses happen in those. For three reasons, silence and fear from the victims, and ignorance on the situation in general, and protecting the offenders.

That does require self-control and they woukd need to work on what is rrality and what is fiction. All I know is fictional ponies = fictional sex. People watch porn and love seeing favorite actresses even though they would most-likely never see them in person.
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There are quite a lot of people with this fetish that would think about actually doing it. I imagine these pictures can actually help them to not be as desperate to do stuff to actual children though.

To all the party poopers here, foal are notnwhat you claim. If you put an equation down, as you use the = sign, make sure you put down all the variables. Like how fictional foals are nothing to relate to real life. Ot is but a fetish and not to be taken seriously to put into practice in real life let alone think about actually doing it.
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If knocking up blank flanks is the only way to save Equestria…well, guess I have to show my support to my country! Line them all up, I'm the hero you are looking for!