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The long awaited Apple Bloom Daki!

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FA source
safe1704242 artist:fearingfun1394 apple bloom49429 earth pony247920 pony965526 semi-anthro13264 adorabloom2751 apple16210 back1009 bed40862 belly button77722 blank flank7563 blanket5303 bloom butt671 blushing197259 body pillow3644 body pillow design2360 bow28539 butt58474 cape10308 cloak4277 clothes458842 cmc cape243 crossed arms5085 crossed hooves1942 cute199456 female1361061 filly66492 food69979 frog (hoof)12935 hair bow15527 human shoulders931 humanoid torso185 looking at you168177 looking back57318 looking back at you14647 lying down17093 on back24351 on bed3457 pillow17884 plot78807 smiling247671 solo1062616 underhoof52022


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Twi’s Engineer Hubby
<3 Well, my wallet is going to get a hoof to the face. How long will these be available FearingFun? I plan to buy the whole set one time.