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safe (1393218)artist:verumtee (268)sci-twi (17943)sunset shimmer (48843)twilight sparkle (253371)comic:sparkling shimmer (96)equestria girls (154154)backpack (1484)blushing (149242)blushing profusely (1125)chapter 3 (16)clothes (343748)comic (85817)dialogue (47295)female (724890)glasses (45288)lesbian (78826)scitwishimmer (1850)shipping (158985)speech bubble (15824)sunsetsparkle (3890)


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Background Pony #D92B
You still need a control. Each of you try dating Rarity for one date. Then try dating Pinkie. That should cover both extremes. Better try Applejack and Rainbow also, and Fluttershy, just to cover the bases.
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