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Next up in trans headcanons: Big Mac, Rarity, Trixie, Fluttershy and Celestia are Trans Women!

Nonbinary Folks   Trans Men
safe (1426902)artist:lieutenantcactus (15)big macintosh (25204)fluttershy (183866)princess celestia (83529)rarity (157360)trixie (55981)alternate hairstyle (21243)alternate universe (5846)bow (19298)cape (7607)clothes (354985)eyes closed (67824)female (758273)flag (3018)freckles (20475)hair bow (10318)horn (25918)horn ring (4367)lgbt headcanon (97)mare (334203)mouth hold (13281)pride (794)pride flag (374)pride month (207)simple background (290226)transgender (1105)transgender pride flag (133)trans girl (460)trans trixie (16)white background (72022)


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@Background Pony #3786
Perhaps, but OCs don’t have the background and backstory of established characters, they don’t have the weight or importance.

It’s love of the character that drives people to redesign them, I’ll be the first to say I love Celestia and that see would be better with a warmer color scheme.
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Background Pony #667C
@Background Pony #CAB6

Some rando: I like representation in art because it’s a place where I can openly express myself in a way I might be unable to in real life.

You, brain genius: lol so you like to jerk off to yourself is that what you’re saying
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