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Rainboom Dash
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that was not added by the artist but honestly there's no way to tell here without seeing the face so it could go either way

To me it looks like pony but who knows for sure
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3-3/4" Army Man Fan
I'm assuming the pilot is human, and the artist just had a weird way of drawing the oxygen mask and helmet.
Or it could be a furry/anthro, since the artist also has a lot of those in their gallery. I'm not sure.
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Artist -

When I looked at the thumbnail, I assumed the pilot wouldn't have been human, but now that I look at the tags, why is the helmet so weirdly shaped? This is an example of one that would be used
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Background Pony #CAB4
That pilot better hope that rainbow dash splattered carcass comes off of his windshield or he’s going to get really chewed out by his commanding officer.
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