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"Hi Twi!"
"Let’s do a joint selfie?"

"I am not… photogen… genic at all"
"Оh come on!"

"I warned"
Took slight liberty with the translation (above) from the original >>2010408
safe1727384 artist:hibari-kyoya13 edit134212 princess celestia95840 twilight sparkle303150 alicorn228563 pony987657 blush sticker2544 blushing201013 broken779 camera shot1245 cellphone3706 comic110267 crown17484 dialogue66553 duo62896 faic12422 female1381719 heart49181 jewelry65721 magic74292 mare491187 monochrome150971 open mouth149927 panic910 peytral3645 phone6438 property damage272 regalia20576 selfie3203 smartphone2092 speech bubble23768 telekinesis28213 translation2397 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124928


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