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"Hi Twi!"
"Let’s do a joint selfie?"

"I am not… photogen… genic at all"
"Оh come on!"

"I warned"
Took slight liberty with the translation (above) from the original >>2010408
safe1614664 artist:hibari-kyoya13 edit123004 princess celestia91140 twilight sparkle288163 alicorn205853 pony882299 blush sticker2264 blushing182418 broken707 camera shot1146 cellphone3041 comic103277 crown15127 dialogue60942 duo52752 faic11631 female1285327 heart44577 jewelry55197 magic68378 mare439075 monochrome144741 open mouth129745 panic849 peytral2990 phone5465 property damage254 regalia17675 selfie2890 smartphone1659 speech bubble21178 telekinesis25615 translation2368 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118322


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