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Wanted to draw the Princess of Love for Pride Month, so I did :3 That's the power of free will right there

As the Princess of Love, I imagine Cadence would be very supportive of the lgbt+ community, even if she wasn't part of it. Though, personally, I headcanon her as pan, polyamorous and …xenoromantic? Since different sapient species coexist, I think they'd have labels for people romantically/sexually attracted to other species I'd imagine that she and Shining would have a very open marrige, where they both are very in love with each other, but also not afraid of exploring their feelings for other people as well.

I'd also think that Cadence loves to play matchmaker, and will spend forever trying to find the perfect partner for you (or refer you to Twilight for more platonic relationships if you're not romantically inclined). She does sometimes use magic for this, with permission of course. While the shows presents her magic a bit… "zap, now you're in love", I'd like to imagine that it's more about making people aware of their own feelings in the case of the couple in the flashback (which was in no way ok, so I just pretend like she had their permission. I'd really be questioning her morals otherwise, which doesn't fit with the rest of her character), her magic made them remember that they really did love each other, despite their temporary irritation. This can cause some people to realise that they don't actually love each other enough for the troubles they have and break up, but Cadence usually just says that "The most imortant relationship a person has is with themselves". Some people just aren't compatible and make each other miserable, in which case they need to let go, and look for happiness somewhere else. Don't worry, Cadence is more than willing to help you find someone.

Anyway, I had a ton of fun drawing this. Just designing her dress; trying to make all the different colors work together, and ensure the train-thing looked somewhat reasonable was really entertaining, and I'm pretty happy with the overall result I also really like drawing Cadence (even if that probably isn't clear from my gallery ), she just has a very nice and drawable design.

I can't think of anything else to say right now.

…Happy Pride Month everyone!


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Background Pony #84B9
Nah this Cadance is kinda mediocre. Is that the "proud" Orichalcos necklace?
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Background Pony #A1C1
her muzzle looks weird, the feathers look like if she was a robot and one of her hooves has a wrong positioning. Not everything is about a flag.
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Lady of Ships and Birbs
Cadance looks gorgeous here. I love how the underside of the cape has that nice starry effect to it.

I like the headcanon too. In my headcanon, I picture her being straight and monogamous but still being very supportive of the LGBT community and is also willing to play matchmaker for gay couples as well as creatures who are willing to have polyamorous relationships.

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