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Hey guys^^I wanna try out something new here and there, going back to my old comic like style and polishing it to give it a good new reboost
There we go! Expect some cute, comic horsies/characters which I originally drew traditionally, scanned in and coloured/edited by
Heh, oh boy that is a strange one XD Many people found it funny when in the episode "Sweet and Smokey", Fluttershy directly asked Ember if all the dragon eggs were hers and she instantly blushed in shock and shook her head haha. Well, now imagine these actually WERE all her eggs XD We instantly thought of the creature that produces a massive amount of eggs within seconds when there is an object or enemy in front of it to suck in with their tongue: Yoshi
And here we go! XD We gave Ember the typical pose for Yoshi when he uses his tongue, a second before turning whatever is in front of him into an egg that keeps following him around lol. Fluttershy is doomed and doesn't look all that happy with her situation
I have to admit I liked the sketch and lineart before, but as so many times before, Snoopy just topped it off with his colouring, shading and background While it's not the dragonlands we see here, it reminds us of the world Yoshi lives in and we get a better look on what is happening here since we can associate it with the original game character. The colours really pop here and the outcome is enjoyable to look at if you ask me

As always, I drew the traditional lineart and Snoopy added colours, effects and background to them I really hope you like this next one of a mini series consisting of collabs between Snoopy and me.
Have fun with them!Check out 's page for more interesting work :…
Lupi (traditional lineart): Around 45 MinutesSnoopy (digital colouring): Around 7 Hours

If you want to support me, make sure to check out my Patreon. Every little bit helps me to keep my work possible and is very much appreciated. Thank you

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