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Commissioned by a Moontastic friend.
explicit362247 artist:doctorthei337 nightmare moon17241 princess celestia96868 anthro270114 3d80601 bedroom eyes61514 big breasts86286 big penis11601 boobjob4600 breasts289348 busty nightmare moon1422 busty princess celestia10605 celestimoon185 ethereal mane8502 ethereal tail458 full moon3567 futa47465 futa nightmare moon678 futa on futa4321 futa only1765 futa princess celestia2744 futadom1741 glowing eyes11602 holding arms49 horsecock71962 impossibly large penis14482 incest14022 intersex45291 looking at each other21535 moon24148 mooncest213 night27442 nightmaredom43 nipples175817 nudity383137 penis159476 penis size difference859 restrained1394 shipping206022 siblings9565 size difference14982 smiling262095 smirk13072 source filmmaker48614 wingless4625 wingless anthro2432


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Midday Sun

Nightmare Moon cackled as she kept the panting Celestia on the bed, keeping the sun princess from forcing herself up.
“Aw, what’s the matter, Celestia? Having trouble getting it up?”
“Get. Off. Me.”
Nightmare Moon shook her head, “tsk, tsk, tsk.” Her puckered lips formed a condescending pout as Celestia kept trying to push off of her. “My, you’re awfully on edge. I think you need to relax.” Celestia scowled at her, recoiling as Nightmare Moon leaned down, her lips centimeters away from her ear. “Feeling a little hot and frustrated.”
Celestia tried to bash her skull into her’s, but Nightmare Moon pulled back. “Stop this! You’re my sister! This is wrong!”
“But it feels right.” Nightmare Moon smirked, “and I’m sure you’ll feel the same when you’re carrying my spawn, you’re gilded whore.”