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safe1616415 artist:mricantdraw301 spike75778 twilight sparkle288407 dragon50953 pony884247 unicorn285539 bed37954 chest fluff34369 duo52887 female1286700 gem5604 glow4040 heart eyes14833 horn52191 lying down12084 male344074 on back22992 one eye closed27113 playing1380 reaching403 ruby353 teasing3482 tongue out95094 wingding eyes20191 wink22690


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Background Pony #F455
Yeah, true, but it would be nice to see the point where the teasing ends and it become a true reward and expression of appreciation.
Background Pony #F455
It would be really great of the artist to make this a "Before" image with an "After" of one where she's given Spike the ruby and a big cuddle to go with it… you know, just to make her a bit less "mean".

Hey, I liked it and decided to stick with it, just like the recurring daydream starring an electricity shooting vampire who's also an elementary school principle who fights crime with his team of superpowered children in a city where you're allowed to raise a dragon.

Wow, this reminds me of a scene from my recurring daydream where it's starring this guy who's trying to win the heart of this girl he really likes but now has to deal with his highschool bully who's a girl that's caused him nothing but pain since they met, he hoped to escape from her after they graduated, but no. Anyways this reminds me of when the bully breaks into his house and finds the wedding ring he planned to give to his crush but failed, so she steals it, he tries to take it back from the bully, but she's keeping it away and she'll only give it back if he submits and marries her instead of his crush.