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This is the most teleporting that has ever been in a single episode of the series (A total of 43 times). Even Twilight doesn’t utilize it this much.
safe (1374762)screencap (159944)cherry cola (350)cherry fizzy (411)cup cake (3230)maud pie (10715)mudbriar (482)roseluck (4174)starlight glimmer (35712)sunburst (4264)terramar (428)trixie (53821)student counsel (653)spoiler:s09e11 (653)animated (81805)classical hippogriff (3476)cockatrice (432)compilation (439)earth pony (133448)everfree forest (1683)female (708066)gif (22278)hippogriff (6082)male (240130)mare (309986)party cannon (1512)petrification (561)school of friendship (739)seizure warning (2812)stallion (66911)teleportation (456)teleport spam (2)unicorn (183905)

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