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safe (1355901)artist:skoon (727)somnambula (1277)sphinx (character) (622)... (1551)behaving like a cat (1451)black and white (9000)chest fluff (23237)comic (83711)dialogue (45796)duo (35576)female (693670)grayscale (29082)hissing (289)human arm (3)mare (302388)monochrome (129697)pegasus (167531)pony (633058)size difference (9610)speech bubble (14932)sphinx (1179)spray bottle (34)spread wings (38341)suddenly hands (97)water (9216)wings (45197)


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A Clever Message
Look, there’s a reason the sphinx lives in the middle of a desert.

I see that pinky out. This is one classy victory, I tells ya.
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