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(This is factually a commission, but the client gave me free reign. Thanks Alexander!)

The Honeycomb Hive isn’t particularly organized. Hive members are free to pick a tree as their home as they see fit. Food and playthings (i.e. ponies) are stored rather randomly in the surrounding area, though hive members make sure it isn’t too far away from their queen who’s known to spontaneously crave entertainment. Other than gathering food or scouting the hive’s borders, most members are free to do whatever they want. These changelings like music and occasionally gather for spontaneous dances. It could all seem very idyllic if it weren’t for the fact that they are pony-abducting, love-sucking, evil parasites.
safe (1429922)artist:carnifex (2230)oc (525499)oc:ambrosia (179)oc only (364384)changeling (32494)changeling queen (7798)changeling oc (5429)changeling queen oc (1414)female (760664)forest (7566)hive (268)honeycomb hive (9)jungle (400)long mane (2485)tree (22624)tree stump (342)trio (6004)yellow changeling (456)


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Wallet After Summer Sale

A waste of biomatter
Perhaps a trade of sorts could be started for their honey? Some love is given "voluntary" and in exchange honey is traded,surely Changling Honey while perhaps repackaged,would taste uniquely delicious and find a place for in the market.
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