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I thought of this comparison while seeing the new film. After seeing the fanart, I can't unsee this.

Art credit:
safe1600883 edit121724 screencap209039 adagio dazzle12123 aria blaze9224 sonata dusk12766 dragon49840 hydra457 kaiju1418 equestria girls185384 rainbow rocks17640 :33979 :p7528 angry24681 colored sclera580 crossed arms4452 derp6386 frown21677 glare8016 godzilla (series)1515 godzilla: king of the monsters 201937 hand on hip5007 ichi2 kevin27 kevin ghidorah2 king ghidorah96 looking at you149819 multiple heads1542 nii1 raised eyebrow6284 red sclera86 san35 serious1084 serious face1029 smiling221198 smirk11347 the dazzlings4088 tongue out93266


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Background Pony #C4B2
Other titans=CHS students
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Background Pony #3678
Every time I see this pic I always imagine that right most one munching a taco with that derp face.
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