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safe (1426961)artist:queencold (587)smolder (5020)spike (68345)dragon (37525)clothes (354995)commission (40512)cute (148115)duo (39063)fangs (17654)female (758296)love and tolerate (52)male (257308)oversized clothes (274)oversized shirt (69)shared clothing (508)shirt (17137)simple background (290232)smolderbetes (336)spikabetes (1466)transparent background (151576)t-shirt (2686)winged spike (5488)


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12 comments posted
Background Pony #2A5E
Correction: Love and ACCEPT.
Toleration just reminds me of the grumpy old ass who’s holding back a scowl in the train while two dudes smooch on the cheek.
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Background Pony #B705
At least they’re getting along better than Ember and Garble when they were wearing a t-shirt for two.
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