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Flame To Fire

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A book cover i had commissioned to give to Azure Sandora for her series I Belong To You, as a thank you for her story helped change my life a little and find my self once again




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Background Pony #5D41
I love the art, do you do commissions? I’d love to pay you for one 😊

Sci-Twi Lover
It's a fic for a thing!
So you've been dating for a few days, and your girlfriend suggests adding a new, kinky element to your relationship. She's giving you permission to control every aspect of her life, be a rough with her as you want, and do whatever you please, even if it's incredibly humiliating. Would you be able to keep yourself in control, when you already can just barely control your desires?

Fluttershy is about to find out, as Rarity just asked to be her submissive.

Follow the journey of an awkward and sheltered teenager and her more outgoing and worldly girlfriend as they engage in the biggest role reversal in all of Canterlot to date. One that will test just how far they're willing to go, and how much they truly trust one another.

@Gay Space Raptor
And your dumb joke point is? 😒
Read the fic, please.
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