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safe (1355901)cozy glow (2838)king sombra (11286)lord tirek (3334)queen chrysalis (27629)spoiler:s09 (285)1000 hours in ms paint (4090)60s spider-man (224)caption (11783)centaur (1530)changeling (29230)changeling queen (6255)electro (16)faic (9522)female (693670)filly (44887)glare (7333)green goblin (30)grin (25956)image macro (31811)implied twilight sparkle (1120)legion of doom (123)lidded eyes (16383)male (234628)me and the boys (8)meme (71128)pegasus (167531)ponified meme (229)pony (633058)rhino (marvel) (1)simple background (272130)smiling (169896)smirk (8588)sombra eyes (2400)stallion (65006)text (36886)this will end in death (1543)unicorn (177918)vulture (marvel) (1)wat (17004)xk-class end-of-the-world scenario (1898)

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