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Character Edit of a screen cap vector from S09_E05 – The Point of No Return.

Sandbar Vector traced and adjusted from S08_E15 – Hearth’s Warming Club.  
Gallus’ wing, I just… winged it. 

Colour palette sourced from: MLP Vector Club.

MLP: FIM © Hasbro and that Lauren Faust sheila.
safe (1430813)artist:phucknuckl (388)gallus (4523)sandbar (3821)griffon (21406)pony (699390)the point of no return (803)spoiler:s09e05 (803)bunny ears (2786)bunny ears (gesture) (16)bust (31399)library card (37)male (258444)solo focus (12421)stallion (73138)vector (66668)wing hands (1540)wings (53241)written equestrian (280)


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