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I really wanted to make them so here they are.

~I hope you like it

The Base:

MLP FiM base | Let's do this Girls|

Other Base by AngelLight-Bases Mlp by /Hasbro & /Lauren Faust——————
Speedpaint www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKRmrI…——————
safe1636654 artist:angellightyt68 mean applejack254 mean fluttershy221 mean pinkie pie194 mean rainbow dash180 mean rarity250 mean twilight sparkle715 alicorn210396 earth pony222858 pegasus264711 pony901659 unicorn293944 the mean 61618 bandana5035 base used17506 cape9704 clone2236 clone six60 clothes434450 cowboy hat14327 female1302632 gameloft interpretation308 gloves18692 hat81555 hoof wraps119 mare448388 mean six72 messy mane7396 raised hoof41949 scarf22239 simple background369747 transparent background192095 vector74033


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