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safe1751496 screencap227549 edith (cockatrice)50 maud pie12741 mudbriar823 silverstream6304 starlight glimmer49818 sunburst7013 terramar813 trixie68758 classical hippogriff5115 cockatrice542 earth pony266339 hippogriff10149 pony1011429 unicorn342692 student counsel1263 book34556 cape10744 clothes476321 dragging270 female1402750 gritted teeth13253 hat90446 male388347 mare502613 petrification994 rockbriar52 stallion115848 statue2402 treehouse of harmony154 wizard hat944


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With maud pie to move mudbriar who is turned to stone as cases the others wonder if a cockatrice is that tame they were to sit on silver-stream’s palm when the looks on Trixie’s, terramar and starlight glimmer’s faces over the chance the cockatrice didn’t leave a surprise down silver-stream’s arm.

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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!

Silverstream: “After you encouraged me to solve my own problem, I decided to get my project done before I left. That way, I could really focus on my family during my visit. The school was closed, so I came here.”

THAT’S MY HIPPOGRIFF (well, except for family part; I only complete assignments way earlier to have more time to watch new MLP episodes, post screencaps, and finish comic fan art)