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Boy howdy, do I love this ship. Two gym rat boyfriends who workout together and make protein shakes for each other? Yes please. I imagine that Bulk would be the first one to make a move by presenting Dumbbell with cute little trinkets, like flowers or heart necklaces. Dumbbell pretends like he doesn't like them but he keeps every single gift and cherishes them deeply.

Bulk Biceps x Dumbbell is canon in my NextGen, and they have a daughter.
safe1599307 artist:cascayd174 bulk biceps3266 dumbbell596 pegasus251706 pony868396 bulkbell2 dumbbiceps2 ear piercing22535 earring18542 eyes closed82668 flower23095 gay25202 heart44009 jewelry53923 male338149 piercing36080 shipping186135 simple background354047 stallion95779 vein2972 white background88588


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