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this episode had SUCH cute outfits on all 3 of them and im not letting them go unappreciated any longer
safe (1426626)artist:maykitz (13)applejack (147541)rainbow dash (203563)rarity (157330)earth pony (147616)pegasus (187342)pony (694509)unicorn (202418)the cart before the ponies (801)abstract background (9209)behaving like a bird (499)cap (3006)clothes (354904)ear piercing (16845)earring (14317)eyes closed (67807)female (758137)floppy ears (41230)hat (64559)jewelry (38863)jumpsuit (492)mare (334144)messy (1831)mud (2015)muddy (551)piercing (28259)size difference (10602)smoldash (222)splashing (209)trio (5965)unshorn fetlocks (18585)


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