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Trixie lives in a wagon
safe (1524136) artist:jargon scott (1993) trixie (59800) oc (574234) earth pony (179970) pony (799063) unicorn (243763) cape (8558) clothes (388298) dialogue (56693) embarrassed (9582) female (848696) hat (72300) male (288910) mare (388407) open mouth (116215) simple background (325021) smiling (202807) stallion (86405) this will not end in sex (3) trixie is poor (5) trixie's cape (3175) trixie's hat (3892) trixie's wagon (951) wagon (806) white background (81414)


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Background Pony #CD11
Poor Trixie. Poor, poor Trixie. Poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, POOR, POOR, POOR!
Background Pony #DDF3
"Doesn't living in a wagon make it hard to manage your savings?"
"Trixie… has no savings. She did have a bundle from working on a rock farm for a while, but spent it all on a magical artifact revenge scheme."
"Ah… well, if you made so much there, why don't you go back to that farm?"
"Trixie can't go back! The angry gray one still haunts Trixie's dreams!"
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I don't pay my taxes
It's fine, it's enchanted with non-euclidean space magic, there's actually a small apartment in there.