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Thank you very much to byte[] for figuring out the one-liner for high-quality conversion:

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -c:v libvpx-vp9 -b:v 0 -crf 18 -c:a libvorbis -b:a 230k output.webm
semi-grimdark (24308)suggestive (112839)artist:crimedogcreative (1)artist:johnjoseco (4222)edit (97741)screencap (173965)applejack (147483)derpy hooves (45845)doctor whooves (9515)fluttershy (183752)pinkie pie (188667)princess celestia (83474)princess luna (87865)rainbow dash (203474)rarity (157267)smarty pants (1370)spike (68245)time turner (9505)trixie (55946)twilight sparkle (259788)human (130516)princess molestia (3050)a bird in the hoof (568)lesson zero (1202)afterrape (13)animated (84564)aqua teen hunger force (193)banana (1661)bdsm (4482)branding iron (36)candy (4990)candy cane (1727)carl brutananadilewski (38)explosion (1765)feral (214)flogging (9)foal (12376)food (50916)grenade (337)gritted teeth (9117)gun (12323)hard hat (525)humanized (87951)imminent rape (1441)imminent sex (4152)let me hit it (2)mane six (26340)meme (73356)music (2244)obey (125)ponies riding ponies (1893)princess derpy (98)restrained (1043)seizure warning (2877)shotgun (1182)skateboarding (43)sleeping (19194)sombrero (281)sound (4751)sporty-o (2)sunglasses (11458)swag (818)trollestia (736)weapon (22755)webm (7302)wet mane (4507)when i'm (24)whipping (254)youtube link (4298)


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I'm a good boy now.
I use "genyoutube.com" to easily download mp4’s from youtube videos. Just add the "gen" to any youtube URL…
(However I think this is limited to 720p max, although this is enough for me.)
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