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Background Pony #77B4
Oh gee i can believe in theory that Flare is niece for Clinch, but being her daughter — ouch, what a bitch
Background Pony #A934
Geez, no wonder Cinch lost her job as principal. She doesn't know the difference between "effect" and "affect."

@Background Pony #DAD8
Adagio: You will watch your damn mouth about my little Dolly Cinch.

Cinch: And who are YOU to command ME wench?!

Adagio: smug as fuck You're grandmother

Cinch: Confused Excuse me

Adagio: You heard me Abacus; and if you don't believe me? Pulls out a locket that once belonged to Victory Belle and opens it to reveal a picture of the two of them hugging with Victory holding her two newborn children in her arms So I highly suggest you show your elder some respect. Your mother would NOT be proud to see what has become of you

Seems though now she has warmed up to Auntie Dagi so thats nice though I wish she would try and get the girls mother to actually care and someone needs to talk some sense into Cinch before Aria or someone else slaps some sense into her because hate and drinking arent a good combo especially when a child is present.

Not to mention someone really needs to get in Sonata's ass(Pause?) about her being such a thot and a child herself because it isn't good for anyone. At some point there is gonna come a time when no one will wanna give her attention and she'll be all alone and won't have anyone to blame but herself.
Wallet After Summer Sale -

1) Cinch is one of those people who won't take responsibility for failure. Just as she will take full responsibility for any success. If something goes the way she wanted, it was her doing and hers alone. Sure, others may have actually been the one to do it, but it was her planning and under her supervision. Otherwise, it would have failed. Adversely, if things do not go as they were supposed to, it is entirely someone else's fault. Cinch knew better, but they failed to listen to her and do as she told them, so it's their doing that made things turn out any other way.

2)in regards to Dolly, Cinch would be her step-mother. So Dolly has a wicked step-mother who only sees her as a reminder of her husband's infidelity, a mother who resents her because she is supposed to be the one who gets all the attention, and a father that does actually care about her, but seems like he is emotionally distant, and can't show physical affection, often using money to do so instead.

When you consider it all like that, it's no surprise that Dolly freaked out Adagio hugged her when they met. Not only was Adagio a stranger, as pointed out, but such an act was something that Dolly had likely never experienced, meaning she would have no idea how to react to it.

I still dont get why Cinch is so pissed at Twilight. Its like bitch you literally forced the girl to unleash magic that nearly got several of your students and other students not from your school murdered and you have the NERVE to call her a traitor? Plus maybe if your bitch ass wasn't such an uptight cunt and took better care of your man he wouldn't need to get ass from Sonata's thot ass and by extension would have not had a kids with her that not even the kids own mother wants.

So Dolly's got a grandmother/God-mother who hates the fact she exists, a mother who hates the fact she exists and a father who only really had her by accident. Meanwhile though it seems Sunny Flare has changed for the better and is a good big sister to the kid and at least she has Auntie Dagi & Aria.

Fuck Cinch and Sonata though.