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BDSM edit of

just for Rarity pleasure
suggestive (112828)artist:amarynceus (432)artist:princemars (34)edit (97721)editor:princemars (15)rarity (157243)pony (694085)unicorn (202201)bdsm (4482)blindfold (3492)bridle (2649)bridle-blindfold (1)bust (31177)collar (24510)doodle (2126)female (757671)femsub (6351)gray background (4952)harness (1370)harness bridle (12)harness gag-blindfold (20)horn (25871)horn ring (4365)magic suppression (3220)mare (333904)rarisub (41)simple background (290010)sitting (45967)slave (2098)smiling (182640)solo (874114)submissive (9919)tack (2836)

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@Background Pony #637C
Because blindfolds imply trust; one doesn’t voluntarily agree to be blindfolded for the purpose of, uh, sensual excitement unless one trusts one’s partner not to abuse one’s vulnerable position.
And that trust is what makes it hot — or at least that’s my tentative hypothesis.
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