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Background Pony #5B5D
Celestia Y luna
Siempre será mis personajes de MLP 👍❤️
La animación es impresionante
Me gusta ver Normal y XXX entre mis personajes favoritos
Celestia siempre una pony☀️❤️💎
Posted Report
Background Pony #9D5E
Me too. However, I do give he kudos in honesty. He admitted to not wanting to do MLP anymore and gave his followers warnign that he was going to stop. Unlike BlackJr he milked his MLP followers giving flase hope of un upcomign MLP animation but instead made constant overwatch and other human junk.
Speaking of which BlackJr patreon page has been under review by patreon for the past few days. He must of annoyed Blizzard with all of that Overwatch smut. They tend to go after popular artists who make laods of money off their stuff. Hope it works out for Black but in may be a wakeup call for him to not abandon his base being MLP fans.