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suggestive161969 artist:yakovlev-vad554 applejack182097 earth pony320893 pony1223922 applebutt5132 applejack is a spankaholic113 blushing224081 butt142682 butt blush1083 cheek fluff7312 dock57494 ear fluff38001 featureless crotch7680 female1515942 frog (hoof)16015 hay stalk171 implied rainbow dash1202 leg fluff3614 literal butthurt389 looking at you199074 looking back68004 looking back at you19973 offscreen character40258 onomatopoeia5663 plot99537 raised hoof55339 solo1194728 solo female197046 spank mark1239 spanking2975 straw in mouth1196 sweat30878 sweatdrop4051 underhoof58282


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Yeah, I didn’t quite get it at first but I think it’s meant to be a hoof print, similar to a hand mark if you slap someone hard enough. At first I thought it was a cutiemark.