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Alright friends, here it is. The fruits of months of labor. I almost can’t believe it’s finished, just looking at it makes my eyes tear up. Sometimes it’s good to sit back and admire something you’ve done. This piece is that for me. I hope you guys will enjoy it just as much. <3
questionable (98924)artist:longinius (515)princess luna (87887)alicorn (162890)anthro (200284)alternate hairstyle (21237)belt (3602)boob window (912)border (119)bra (12293)breasts (203028)cameltoe (6998)cleavage (27269)clothes (354859)crown (10693)female (758013)garter belt (2861)garters (2184)gloves (14239)jewelry (38854)lace (586)profile (4145)rapier (192)regalia (12202)scabbard (51)smiling (182728)solo (874394)stained glass (1004)statues (23)stockings (25317)sword (9421)tail wrap (5048)thigh highs (23453)underwear (49553)weapon (22763)

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Simply beautiful, I love your works like this, sensual yet expertly crafted, I can’t even imagine how long it took to draw this.
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