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Higher bitrate video here

Nothnig is better than some morning fun (I guess…)

I’m sooo proud how this turns out. I wouldn’t push quality of it that much without so many likes and faves you gave me for my previos animation. On my previos project I was afraid that not many of you will see it because it was my first upload here and no one knows me, but you guys suprise me ^^

Time spent: ~25h

Original image:
explicit (275025)artist:303aleks (4)artist:ralek (1209)edit (93366)oc (509427)oc:alhazred (81)oc:aqua jewel (357)oc only (356327)animated (83118)anus (75723)balls (56196)bedroom (6303)blurred background (343)dialogue (47347)dock (36534)female (725539)femdom (5645)horsecock (49633)interspecies (18069)male (246962)mare (317955)medial ring (3016)no sound (2219)nudity (286807)penetration (39723)penis (118313)pony (659899)pubic fluff (3048)raised tail (11261)sex (91099)sheath (1647)size difference (10172)spread ass (193)straight (106532)tail (13914)teasing (2777)vaginal (28514)vaginal secretions (31948)vulva (94281)webm (6867)zebra (12957)zebra oc (1627)


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Background Pony #33FA
There seems to be a file issue with webm and my phone. I have other webms but this one is bugged and it refusing to download…
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Obsessed with butts
I hate how the dick is 1 meter long and she takes only 3 centimeters, what is the reason to draw such a long dick??
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