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Another good Father and Son moment. Dirty work requires getting dirty sometimes, but can be enjoyable as long as you have family and friends by your side!

Done by the excellent CactusCowboyDan
safe1613423 oc625508 oc:king speedy hooves289 oc:tommy the human440 alicorn205586 human146311 pony881118 aftermath241 alicorn oc23575 boots19745 brush1753 commissioner:bigonionbean1705 dialogue60850 dirty1723 father and son829 fusion4782 fusion:king speedy hooves290 giggling782 glowing horn17662 hat79371 horn51670 horses doing horse things1195 hug26124 hugging a pony102 human oc461 magic68295 male343007 mud2327 overalls1533 scrubbing68 shoes32139 snorting466 stallion97543 telekinesis25582 washing283


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