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safe (1427685)artist:meiyeezhu (290)fluttershy (183979)rainbow dash (203710)human (130654)equestria girls (159462)equestria girls series (23752)spring breakdown (1946)spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (8389)anime (3555)bib (189)boat (1062)bowl (1257)cap (3008)comic (89382)cruise ship (133)dish (62)dishes (107)eating (7539)food (51001)fork (702)hairpin (1104)hat (64641)humanized (87975)knife (4150)meat (1263)napkin (138)ocean (4520)old master q (358)parody (14586)plate (1221)porthole (8)question mark (3531)reference (3201)rogue wave (2)salad (310)salad bowl (21)ship (1001)shocked (4748)sliding (167)steak (73)surprised (6814)switch (68)this will end in tears (2644)this will end in vomiting (2)waiter (148)wave (308)yacht (59)


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #BCDB
I ment like this compilation video https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3UyNGBjKL-4 and its thumbnail of a cruise ship surfing the waves But with the clips being just videos on their own
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Background Pony #BCDB
I think I’ve seen YouTube videos with stuff like this where the person filming is on a boat in a rough sea with the chairs sliding across the dining room or by the boats poolside or simply filming a large boat that looks like its surfing
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