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safe1601995 artist:meiyeezhu340 fluttershy201520 rainbow dash222641 human145296 equestria girls185582 equestria girls series29754 spring breakdown2444 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)12355 anime4901 bib224 boat1262 bowl1491 cap3866 comic102427 cruise ship213 dish75 dishes114 eating8900 food63292 fork821 hairpin1418 hat78456 humanized95799 knife4906 meat1725 napkin160 ocean5664 old master q488 parody15294 plate1553 porthole10 question mark4113 reference3937 rogue wave2 salad344 salad bowl21 ship1178 shocked6094 sliding196 steak81 surprised8336 switch117 this will end in tears3147 this will end in vomiting6 waiter166 wave409 yacht115


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13 comments posted
Background Pony #32F3
I ment like this compilation video and its thumbnail of a cruise ship surfing the waves But with the clips being just videos on their own
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Background Pony #32F3
I think I've seen YouTube videos with stuff like this where the person filming is on a boat in a rough sea with the chairs sliding across the dining room or by the boats poolside or simply filming a large boat that looks like its surfing
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