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i forgot to submit this really wasn’t  that happy with how it came out i kinda rushed it. meh  
safe (1376985)artist:sketchiix3 (5)artist:sketchy-the-pony (13)apple bloom (41874)scootaloo (45196)sweetie belle (42345)basket (2142)bird (4929)bunny ears (2642)chick (145)chicken (1246)cutie mark (31298)cutie mark crusaders (15469)earth pony (134027)easter (1059)easter egg (834)female (709971)fence (2012)filly (45928)floppy ears (39530)heart (36348)holiday (10464)onomatopoeia (1695)open mouth (98904)pegasus (172762)pony (649677)prone (19747)scootachicken (831)scootaloo is not amused (98)speech bubble (15302)the cmc's cutie marks (3526)trio (5548)unamused (10389)unicorn (184685)


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