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“There seems to be something going around, and it ain’t just a cold…”
safe1573414 artist:kindheart525688 artist:romania-lanslide4 apple bloom46500 applejack158655 big macintosh26841 sugar belle2646 oc603814 oc:honeycrisp131 earth pony198273 pony844217 unicorn265437 kindverse837 alternate hairstyle24410 bags under eyes1817 bandana4677 bow24169 braid4825 coffee3526 female897490 hair bow13245 male304898 neckerchief1418 offspring34311 parent:big macintosh2667 parent:cheerilee367 parents:cheerimac266 red nosed401 runny nose95 shipping183735 sick1686 straight121518 sugarmac670


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