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safe1578130 artist:tsudashie119 princess celestia90122 princess luna94072 oc606427 oc:anon11362 alicorn195791 human142359 pony847786 chest fluff32626 clothes410006 cross-popping veins1339 crown14028 dialogue60703 distracted99 distracted boyfriend meme111 ear fluff23482 female901451 human male6257 jewelry51138 leg fluff2491 looking back49209 male306270 mare416677 mask5457 meme78700 open mouth123495 pants12302 peytral2636 ponified meme664 regalia16365 shirt21308 siblings6065 simple background346451 sisters7273 sunbutt3565 white background87361


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Background Pony #EE09
Anon: The one who will become her male will a have a lot fun, Well Is YOUR Sister after all!
Celestia: Oh! For a moment i starting to belive you want to fuck my sister!
Anon: Hey i maybe a perver but fuck the sister of my mare friend is out the quoition!
Celestia: Oh what a relive!
Anon: But if you and Your sister want i please you both i will not say no!
Celestia:…….Is one of your fetish?
Anon: Yes but only IF the girls want it, i am not THIS Anon the raper, and is a good thing He in jail for a long time!
Celestia: Yes but i feel sorry for all the young mare a be rape!
Anon: Me the Rape is need be fake, you know what i meant?
Celestia: Oh You mean the roleplay sex game?
Anon: Bingo! Oh now i think of it we a not do it for month!
Celestia: Oh sorry, you know i have a lot work!
Anon: Tia, Is time to do it and NO WORK! you need it and i can see it!
Celestia: What are talk?! (she see her Anon point her vagina) Oh you fond out i am in heat!(she blush)
Anon: What kind of boy friend if i can't know my Mare friend need some love, Hmmm?
Celestia: You right…I hope you are full ready, you know i got a lot stamina!
Anon: Tia, With all the time we a done this, My own stamina a become big then the first time we do it! and remenber Tia the last time we a play with your fetish , now is my turn to start and to night you are my sex slave!
Celestia: Oh? ok but First i need to warning the guards to NOT border Us and we goin to play in The sex dungon!
Anon: Good thing the guards who protect the sex dungon is only mare, If is be Stallion , i am sure some perver will pick a eye to watch the Princess have sex!
Luna: You a say you go to the Sex Dungon? Is perfect!
Anon&Celestia: Why?
Luna: Oh We…I fond My OWN Anon hehehe, and he a very good i video game, and we a date a lot but never done sex!
Celestia: So you want to do it with him in the sex dungon, ok but remenber, To Night is every Princess is sex slave, So ARE YOU READY TO DO EVERYTHING FOR HIM AND SHOW ARE MOST YOU LOVE HIM?
Celestia: I not hear You!
Luna: YES!
Celestia: He he he he, Oh i got a idea, why Twilight and Cadance coming and play it with thier Stallion!
Luna: If I remenber the one of Twilight is name Flash sentry if i not got worng!
Anon: You are Right and who is the Anon you fall in love Princess?
Luna: Oh is Anon the GAMER!
Anon: Oh Him is a nice choice and he suit you perfectly, he a night type, and we see rarely on day, you a more chance to see him the day is were he buy new game!
Luna: Like me and I love Video game! Oh Sister why not make a full Video Princess Night!
Celestia: Hmm i like the idea but is will be next week! and Luna are you in heat?
Luna: WHAT?!
Anon: Yes she is, I fond were i look you butt for only one sec!
Luna: You a WHAT!?
Celestia: Hmmm Yes she is! is explen why you want sex!
Luna: Sis , Anon You both Perve!
Celestia: Hey to night is will be more perver, so you a better to be ready! Right Twilight?
Twilight: Totally, Right cadance?
Cadance: Oh yes my dear Sister-in-law!
Twilight: Wait? Who will foalsetting Flurry?
Pinkie: Heve no Fear the number 1 Party mare and 2 Number Foalsitter is Here!(double Party canon a fire in same time)
Cadance: Number 2 foalsitter?! Who is the Number 1?
Twilight&Pinkie: Is You silly!
Cadance: Oh! he he he thanks!
Flash: So if i get it, to night all the Princess are sex slave for thier lover?
Shining: Oh i forget you are new on this, yes but of course we need to follow the save rules, the 4 Princess a make those Rules after the last fiasko, Poor stallion, the mare a go to far!
Flash: Is good thing those a be made!
Shining: Yeah, and to make thing more save, every sex dungon got thier dungon master or more a mistress, but the one who will do it for the royal sex dungon is never the same but is all the same rules, plus in the room you can see the rules and thing we can do and NOT do!
Flash: Hmm i am sure is the same for male and female Right?
Twilight: Yes but right now Us girls will go buy our sex slave uniform for to night, so you better be ready Boy's!
after the girls go shopping , the Anon of Luna arrive.
Anon the gamer: Do have see Princess Luna? she say we have special game to night!
The 3 boy's look to a other and say * yes Sex game, In real live, and if you still vergine, well to night, you will lost it!
Anon the Gamer: OH?!
the boy's tell him everything and what the girls plan and of course Anon the gamer he be very surprice!

well this will a very sexy night!