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safe1555898 artist:jake heritagu901 adagio dazzle11865 aria blaze9103 chancellor neighsay577 sonata dusk12481 oc593942 oc:dolly dusk61 oc:honeycrisp blossom287 oc:primrose prime17 comic:aria's archives232 equestria girls177509 armpits41231 barbeque73 breasts235018 cleavage30355 clothes401293 comic100066 dialogue58884 drink4244 equestria girls-ified8342 female880193 food59383 grill94 knife4734 like mother like daughter253 male299201 meme77935 nintendo switch352 offspring33626 one-piece swimsuit3804 parent:big macintosh2603 parent:chancellor neighsay68 parent:princess cadance1414 parent:sonata dusk179 parents:cadmac317 spatula128 speech bubble20067 swimming pool821 swimsuit24233 tanktop6581


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Background Pony #11D4
Cinch knows and just kinda goes with it so Neighsay won't ruin their reputation. They have two children and a granddaughter together.
Background Pony #11D4


I mean, presumably she knows Dolly isn’t hers. It’s a fairly simple thing, she didn’t carry the baby for nine months. She ought to know.