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safe (1398085)artist:jake heritagu (881)adagio dazzle (10851)aria blaze (8425)chancellor neighsay (472)sonata dusk (11700)oc (511193)oc:dolly dusk (38)oc:honeycrisp blossom (197)oc:primrose prime (8)comic:aria's archives (189)equestria girls (154631)armpits (34392)barbeque (69)clothes (345254)comic (86341)dialogue (47913)drink (3657)equestria girls-ified (6886)female (729493)food (48918)grill (83)knife (4057)male (247896)meme (72391)nintendo switch (220)offspring (27906)parent:big macintosh (2036)parent:chancellor neighsay (38)parent:princess cadance (1126)parents:cadmac (220)parent:sonata dusk (141)spatula (108)speech bubble (15893)swimming pool (498)


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Cinch knows and just kinda goes with it so Neighsay won’t ruin their reputation. They have two children and a granddaughter together.
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"Just let her run with the knife! The quicker this Phase Ends the better."

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