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safe (1429403)artist:johnjoseco (4223)color edit (6234)edit (99171)princess celestia (83658)alicorn (163602)clothes (355758)colored (15322)concerned (561)cosplay (25492)costume (21695)cute (148591)cutelestia (2651)food (51122)hat (64758)looking at you (120505)nurse (1823)nurse hat (343)nurse outfit (573)profile (4184)solo (876094)soup (383)

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Bearded Dialogue Master
Luna: You lost a bet to Discord didn’t you?

Celestia: No… It was actually Fluttershy…

Cadance: Wait, Fluttershy?

Celestia: Yes… She learned it from Discord.

Luna: So… whats the full bet loss?

Celestia: To… TO… to go on a date with Discord while wearing this?"

Both of the other two princesses fall down laughing.