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Оригинал >>985346
safe (1429331)artist:uotapo (817)edit (99154)applejack (147849)pinkie pie (189073)rainbow dash (203943)sunset shimmer (50671)horse (2502)equestria girls (159703)animal planet (6)bilingual (19)blushing (153811)bra strap (322)clothes (355740)comic (89579)confused (3324)cute (148578)cyrillic (1216)dialogue (50652)eyes closed (67974)female (760135)hat (64752)heart (37879)helmet (8065)homesick shimmer (221)horse noises (504)humans doing horse things (166)midriff (16249)motorcycle (871)open mouth (104236)pajamas (2497)russian (3346)shimmerbetes (3414)shipper on deck (1323)shoulderless (230)slippers (788)smiling (183200)snorting (443)speech bubble (16672)sunset helper (29)sunset shipper (23)television (1895)translation (2275)watching (880)wheelie (12)wide eyes (14297)

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Background Pony #64BF
Это мой перевод чтоли? Помню в 2014 или в 2015 году я переводил этот комикс так же…
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