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Nude version, alongside other expressions, included here:

suggestive (112956)alternate version (23812)artist:silvertongue (38)fluttershy (183958)equestria girls (159446)ankle bracelet (78)barefoot (21562)bedroom eyes (44321)belly dancer (722)belly dancer outfit (185)big breasts (56342)blushing (153644)bra (12303)bracelet (6661)breasts (203209)busty fluttershy (12917)choker (7211)clothes (355200)feet (29501)female (758729)jewelry (38919)looking at you (120272)panties (41511)simple background (290382)solo (875010)solo female (154781)stupid sexy fluttershy (601)transparent background (151641)underwear (49596)

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@New Leaf

When it comes to harem girls and belly dancers, the skimpy bikini-like outfits(as well as ensembles with loin cloths or transparent harem pants/leggings) like what Fluttershy is wearing here are far more appealing to me than her being completely nude.

Full on nudity only really works for me when the poses are very erotic.
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