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Wukrii - A Fantasy Adventure Comic

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Act 4-1

You wander around the castle thinking about the things that has happened the last few weeks. You waking up in an underground cave at the capital of Equestria, meeting the princesses, meeting a Shadowling named Prosoma, learning about your own changeling powers, meeting another changeling but changed into a Bloodling named Tarsus and nearly escaping a gunshot.

You’ve been hanging out around the castle for some time now. Having Tarsus here was a nice addition. With him being an ex-changeling warrior, he taught you how you can change into different creatures other than pony and change into objects. As for Prosoma, with her reading that spell book you and her found, she’s gotten better at casting spells and putting a new twist on casting them. Tarsus even learned some spells too, putting his own spin on a fire spell.

You come into the throne room and you notice something on the wall, it was blinking. You walk up to it and pulled it out the wall. It looked like some kind of needle. This made you think back to that human, the Sniper back at the canyon. You take a closer look at the dart, it flashes every other second and was beeping when you brought it up to your ear. You feel like something about this thing is bad news.

What do you do?


not provided yet


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