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It is a stop motion. They are so cute! A small test of Starlight walking. Shot by phone so not good stabilize. I still need to practice the walk pose of the pony.

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Background Pony #C61D
Filly Princess Twilight be foal setting by Starlight glimmer but Starlight a be little trouble with her!
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@Beau Skunky
If you are a fan of Stop Motion movies, check out the Laika movies. They are all Stop Motion based and are some of the best animated movies made recently.

3 I’d recommend checking out are Coraline, ParaNorman and Kubo and the Two Strings.
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Background Pony #AFB6
Shot by phone so not good stabilize.
For what it’s worth, there’s something about the slight shifting that makes me think of old black and white silent films. All you’d need to do is slap a few cards in there with dialogue and add some jaunty piano music.

I freakin’ LOVE stop motion.
It does feel like something of an underappreciated art, in the days of CGI and all. Perhaps we should try to convince nekokevin to make a full on stop motion plushie pony series.
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