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Somebody tell me, what makes an image "Hilarious in Hindsight?"
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Background Pony #23E1

The show contradicting some detail in a fanwork can also be considered "hilarious in hindsight". Like the comic in this image has Gallus claim museum are boring but later on the actual show he suggests a museum for the tree (so someone added the "hilarious in hindsight" tag to it).
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BiggerNate91's avatar
Obvious EG fan
The only ones in this screenshot that I can see having that definition are the Sweet and Smoky one (predicted that Garble was Smolder’s brother), and the one with the Equestria Girls in quicksand (uploaded before Spring Breakdown). The rest, not so much.
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@Background Pony #9169
Not sure if high.

@OP Hilarious in Hindsight is usually when someone draws some fanart or makes a prediction (especially an outlandish one) and the same or very similar thing later happens in the show.

Like a pic of Sugarmac, a crack ship at the time, that was drawn 6 months before they were a couple in the show:

Or a pic of Rarity in royal guard armor that was drawn 7 years before she wore it in the show:

Other uses are on a case-by-case basis, and sometimes people tag it for non-obvious reasons.
Background Pony #9169
Some things just look good. Like Celestia cutting the lawn. How many times has she done that? Or cradling Fluttershy is adorable like that. There’s even people who are both for or against Equestria girls who’d both like to see them in quicksand.
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Letting the days go by
When an event happens in the show or fandom that adds a layer of coincidental irony that the artist likely originally didn’t intend for.
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