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safe1587400 artist:alasou0 artist:enigmadoodles67 artist:igazella67 artist:lauren faust289 artist:metal-jacket44453 artist:mrlolcats17192 artist:niban-destikim355 artist:rainbowplasma47 artist:rated-r-ponystar13 artist:sintakhra959 artist:sonicthedashie7 artist:tarajenkins175 edit119705 edited screencap57309 editor:nightshadowmlp27 screencap206483 applejack159971 babs seed5545 cozy glow6329 discord28959 fluttershy199844 gallus5980 garble1641 king sombra12824 ocellus4690 peppermint goldylinks387 pinkie pie204493 princess celestia89842 princess flurry heart6391 princess luna94252 rainbow dash221027 rarity171182 ruby pinch1245 sandbar4808 sci-twi21838 silverstream5448 smolder6880 spike74488 strawberry scoop196 sunset shimmer57574 teddy143 twilight sparkle283957 yona4563 oc609780 unnamed oc1621 alicorn199780 changeling41361 draconequus9141 dragon48982 earth pony206138 griffon24461 hippogriff8484 pegasus247664 pony857517 unicorn274258 yak3938 anthro233950 plantigrade anthro27969 ask cozy glow11 derpibooru6859 tumblr:studentsix592 a fine line271 between dark and dawn1525 equestria girls183071 equestria girls series29267 fluttershy's butterflies169 forgotten friendship4806 molt down817 my little pony tales797 road trippin73 season 9636 shadow play1211 shop talk19 sweet and smoky877 text support181 the beginning of the end1985 the finals countdown146 spoiler:s09515 3d65676 :p7380 anthro with ponies2343 apple14914 apple tree2837 applebucking512 arm fluff62 ask24151 background pony9475 barbara gordon47 batgirl225 blatant lies1192 book30799 boop6857 box4258 breasts245931 bucking908 bumblebee396 bust42240 busty princess celestia9317 camera3577 caption19150 celestia is not amused441 chest fluff33049 chin up23 cleavage31436 clothes415157 colored pupils8763 comic101477 comparison3999 computer5686 cropped45573 crossover58224 cute181398 daaaaaaaaaaaw3223 dashface388 dc comics1302 dc superhero girls135 diaper12392 dirty1669 discoshy2557 dragoness6947 everfree forest1895 eye reflection612 eyepatch2627 female1227858 filly59938 finger snap99 floppy ears46602 flurrybetes850 foal14921 food62260 friendship student1443 funny face295 future twilight1012 g114031 gloves17631 glowing horn17041 goggles13174 grass8439 green lantern356 hand on cheek95 hat77313 hawaiian shirt391 hilarious in hindsight3052 hnnng2295 hooves on cheeks135 horn47770 humane five2873 humane seven2163 humane six2750 image macro35922 implied rule 6327 italian357 jessica cruz9 jewelry53142 kara danvers10 kikuko inoue22 konami858 lauren faust1715 lego1809 lego digital designer28 lineart18992 looking at you147936 looking up14260 love4464 magic66620 male331041 mane seven5936 mane six29789 mare427385 meme79031 meta16108 metal gear1138 metal gear solid 345 molting94 mona lisa77 monochrome143000 monocle944 monocle and top hat136 mud2284 mud edit42 naked snake53 noseboop2578 ocellus being ocellus5 offscreen character30220 photo75207 pink background2398 playing dead111 poem183 poet1 poetry82 precious93 purple background2501 quicksand407 raised hoof39475 redeemer4 reflection2888 regalia16972 safety goggles323 savage84 school of friendship1120 shipping184661 shirt21720 shoes31070 shorts12527 shyabetes11968 signature19704 silly7005 silly pony2837 simple background349538 sitting55903 smiling218424 snake eater26 sneakers4702 so awesome189 sophisticated as hell24 spread wings48470 squishy cheeks2129 stallion94480 stone scales117 straight122419 straw in mouth859 stray strand385 stuck2315 student six1457 suitcase361 sunglasses13176 supergirl163 suspended2605 tea2851 teary eyes3432 telekinesis24860 text52057 the boss22 the lego movie715 tongue out91941 top hat3798 train2256 transparent background181314 tree28308 tumblr34638 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116286 twitter3155 unamused14138 unikitty444 upside down5058 voice actor joke1860 vulgar19409 wall of tags2538 watermark14628 weapons-grade cute3285 weed whacker4 wings81587 wonder woman319 word of faust233 z257 zatanna86