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safe (1396968)artist:reiduran (1181)sunset shimmer (49033)equestria girls (154780)clothes (344991)cute (142368)eating (7289)female (728031)food (48863)hot dog (358)hot dog nipples (14)human (127734)jeans (2262)meat (1218)no pupils (2416)pants (9214)sausage (356)shimmerbetes (3249)simple background (282598)solo (858040):t (3246)white background (69745)


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Boy I sure hope this funny ha ha meme isn’t taken as an endorsement of You Know What

I don’t even know what that means and I don’t want to know, it’s just a "lol hotdog is eating a hotdog" joke.
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Background Pony #2FE6
I feel there’s a pervy joke here about some past events that involved Sunset and hot dogs.
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