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safe1726089 artist:monosodium glutamate1 edit134112 edited screencap66151 screencap224353 applejack171459 cozy glow7523 discord31335 fluttershy214772 gallus6846 holly the hearths warmer doll85 lord tirek5360 ocellus5371 pinkie pie218098 princess celestia95765 princess luna99846 queen chrysalis35117 rainbow dash236098 rarity183546 sandbar5517 silverstream6214 smolder8072 spike79458 starlight glimmer49179 stellar flare1241 tank2749 thorax4379 trixie68067 twilight sparkle302987 yona5170 alicorn228288 bat pony50829 changeling48622 changeling queen17012 draconequus12199 dragon57432 unicorn331908 a royal problem2173 bats!1729 best gift ever2413 bridle gossip875 hearthbreakers1215 keep calm and flutter on1070 lesson zero1527 party of one1102 princess spike (episode)738 rarity investigates1159 school daze2797 sparkle's seven1670 testing testing 1-2-31404 the beginning of the end2172 the cutie re-mark3217 the parent map1067 the saddle row review1445 the times they are a changeling931 to where and back again2739 what about discord?689 60 fps518 animated99579 bat ponified2750 drake & josh33 female1380483 flutterbat6884 mane six32225 parody15702 race swap14436 sound9116 student six1646 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124847 unicorn twilight18137 wall of tags3405 webm13736


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Don't Shed A Tear
My favorite part is when it gets to the "so just turn aroooooouuund" part and it shows the scene of Thorax pissed off at Spike, I loved that.
Economist -

One of the greatest opening themes. Drake and Josh had good comedy, this MLP show will be funny too now ;D