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STREAMING [+18] Gonna start stream shortly. Come and watch if you're interested.
safe (1486770) artist:dankflank (403) catrina (140) fluttershy (189999) lyra heartstrings (26778) queen chrysalis (30512) rainbow dash (209878) rarity (162486) oc (556976) abyssinian (1041) cat (4753) changeling (35550) changeling queen (9418) pegasus (207555) pony (765265) unicorn (227350) abyssinian oc (42) bedroom eyes (46793) bust (34691) ear piercing (18252) earring (15384) female (811339) furry (3741) heart eyes (12552) jewelry (42969) lip bite (9654) piercing (30399) straw (1574) sweat (20895) tongue out (81032) wingding eyes (17195)


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It's just a banner stitched together from my various drawings. It's Catrina, RD, Lyra, Chrysy, Rara, Flutters and a rando ass cat i drew (no name or identity)